Mini DV World's Smallest Voice Recorder

Mini DV World's smallest voice recorder

Mini DV world's smallest voice recorder.

  • Ultra- small size of alloy integration design, a variety of occasions to facilitate easy recording/ monitoring
  • Record the impact of voice- activated trigger function to facilitate the deployment of video, a longer time, you want the recorder images
  • AVI format video recording, broadcast convenience PC, easy upload video sites
  • Ilumination, 2 million high- definition camera
  • High- speed dynamic video
  • Instant response to light environment
  • Video output: 720x480px 30m frame/ second
  • Built- in lithium battery for 2 hours continuous use, voice. activated video can use more time
  • Micro SD slot, espansion of the memory up to 8GB
  • Mini USB charging data cable to connect computer and video upload download transfer function
  • Full to the folder with the use of small gimballed to th whole point of recording/ monitoring functions
  • Easy installation, suitable carrier materials, the installation of the use of complex scenes

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