A look to the future: Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry has developed some tools that can integrate the outside world with the paper or digital one that idea a reality. 

He has invented a group of applications linked to a hardware device called SixthSense, that makes it possible to combine the tangible environment with the information universe. Functional applications such as the one that can read sticky notes, another that projects maps on any surface or the one that recognize drawings and gestures work on Mistry's prototype mobile computing device. 

This prototype has two physical components. One with a pocket size process the information. The other which has the tiny projector, camera and mirror  must be worn as a necklace and is of small size too. Mistry's approach  is to make information in our physical world more available the in order to make life experiences richer. Having on hand all the information that the human beings have accumulated over many years can avoid the attitude of being "a machine behind another machine" (TEDtalksDirector 2009). 

Taken from http://www.pranavmistry.com/projects/sixthsense/

Mistry argues that human beings are interested in information and integrating it in their everyday objects to help them be more connected to the physical world. I think this project is very powerful but it is important to try to predict the wrong uses for this invention in order to prevent or reduce the negative impacts and maximize the advantages.

What do you think?

Please check out these videos:

More information at SixthSense web page.
TEDtalksDirector 2009, Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology, 18 November, viewed 30 April 2012, <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrtANPtnhyg>


Spy Table Clock Useful Item for Protect your Home or Business

Spy Table Clock with movement sensor

Main Functions:

- Records audio and video in AVI format.

- Has movement sensor mode, with a movement registered starts to recording.

- Gives the time. Forks as a real clock. Allows to be aware of the time.

- Continuous recording while there is any movement. Save battery time. On the back has a discrete indicator LED.

- Works as pendrive. With 4GB MicroSD memory stores all documents including the videos taken. Stores the equivalent of 6 hours of recording.


Sunglasses with Hidden Camera and MP3 Player

Spy Sunglasses Camera and MP3 Player
Have you ever thought of sharing what you just saw a couple of minutes ago? 

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