Sunglasses with Hidden Camera and MP3 Player

Spy Sunglasses Camera and MP3 Player
Have you ever thought of sharing what you just saw a couple of minutes ago? 

Or simply capturing a unique moment when you were doing that extreme bike ride or climb?

Now it is possible, thanks to the Spy Sunglasses which have a hidden camera that enables you to take pictures and record at the same time as protecting your eyes from the sun. You don't have to carry or install any equipment, just turn on your glasses and use them!

As these features aren't enough, the Spy Sunglasses also allow you to listen to MP3!

Believe what you are reading, this is not a futuristic item, you can get this wonderful Spy Sunglasses now from us VENCOMPAU on eBay in Australia.

We also offer similar items in the USA with VENCOMP USA as well in Venezuela with VENCOMP.

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